Table and Floor Lamps   (click on picture for full screen image)
Electrolux Task Lamp

A desk lamp that doesn't suck! Created from an Electrolux vacuum head and insect inspired. Pulley acts as a counter-weight while front and center, the aluminum knob makes it easy to turn off and on.

Materials: aluminum, brass, painted steel

24" long  with 12" wide hood

  Vintage Capacitor Desk Lamp

English bread pan, RCA capacitors and radio tubes in both steel and Bakelite all sit atop a vinyl record album, laminated to heavy gauge aluminum.

Materials: steel, aluminum, vinyl, brass, Bakelite

12' high- 12" long

  Brass Tripod Helix Lamp

Spider-like tripod lamp in solid brass----- hand polished finish. Turns on by a brass ball switch under the body of the lamp.

Materials:  brass

24" to top of cream paper shade

  Circus Lamp

Remember that vintage toy tin litho seal with the ball on it's nose? I started this piece with one of those balls and the top to a vintage chrome cocktail shaker. The shade was created from a 1950's aluminum cookie jar, painted pistachio with pumpkin orange details.  This is a tiny gem of a lamp, perfect for a bookshelf or powder room.

Materials: aluminum, chrome, tin, brass

12" high

   Magnum Desk Lamp

I love aluminum - and this desk lamp is all about it!  I started with a beautiful aluminum motor from a vintage model airplane called the Magnum.  For the shade, I introduced Mr. Magnum to Mr. Thermos and kept the look aerodynamic.

Materials:  aluminum, steel

13" high and 14" across

  Peacock Table Lamp

Who doesn't love a peacock? This one is in thick heavy brass with beautiful patina and a nickel finish with gold undertones. Ball knob on the base. Polished steel shade.

Materials:  steel, brass

18" tall

   Mirrored Vanity Lamps

I love the modern simplicity of this lamp and the idea of mirrored surfaces for a vanity.  I have played with different materials while maintaining the same basic style.  Click on the image to see the detail of the three lamps:  one in antiqued hand-cut and polished mirror, one in hand-cut new mirror, and the other in mirror sitting on a base of a vintage aluminum slide tray.

Materials:  aluminum, mirror

12" high and 14" long

825.00 each
  Double Slide Tray Lamp

Two aluminum slide trays swivel and turn on aluminum arms.  The base is an aluminum thermos cap, restored and hand polished, but maintaining the original dents and dings from its years of useful life. 

Materials:  aluminum

13" high and 23" across 

   Mid-century Tri-Legged Lamp

This desk lamp grew out of a vintage tri-legged Danish candlestick.  Chrome turns into brass and then back to chrome with the two Chinese Baoding balls threaded into the middle rod.  The modern hand laced fiberglass shade is topped with an old movie reel and anchored by an aluminum piece recovered from an old ocean liner.   Three interior bulbs provide soft illumination.

Materials:  brass, aluminum, chrome, fiberglass

15" tall.  Shade is 13" in diameter


  Antique Train Lamp

A friend recognized the beauty in this antique aluminum and wood train car and sent it my way.  The wheels were missing and while it could no longer function as designed, it was too beautifully crafted to part with.  Here it gets revived as a desk lamp hovering above an intricately engraved Persian tea tray and cups.  I find the glow from the interior windows very comforting.

Materials:  wood, aluminum, brass

11" long by 12" high

Photo Enlarger Lamps

Digital photography has left these beautiful industrial design icons obsolete, at least as enlargers.  Here I have rescued two beautiful examples, one is a chocolate space-aged ribbed steel bullet with solid brass legs with a cream colored modified drum shade in paper.  The other lights from below as well as from above and is a rich charcoal color with polished aluminum accents.

Materials:  aluminum, steel

Approx 24" high (with shade)  and 6-8" in diameter

525.00 each

 Tin Litho Vanity Lamp

This lamp is made from different elements of a tin lithographed doll house.  The body is from a Smallville toy that I covered with elements of the doll house (brick, stone, area rug).  The switch on the base is from an aluminum capacitor topped with a ball knob.

Materials:  tin, aluminum, wood, plastic

14' wide and 12" high with shades


Chakra Lamp

I wanted to show the internal spine or "chakra" of this lamp.  The body is a hand blown glass water bottle, with a flexible aluminum tube that houses the electrical chord.  The neck is in chrome.

Materials:  glass, chrome, aluminum

11" in diameter and 30" high with shade

  Sputnik Floor Lamp

The inspiration from this lamp came from Soviet Sputnik satellite.  I attached 12 Bakelite sockets to a central chrome orb and aluminum rod and used medium based dimmable tubular bulbs to create the starburst design.  The base and body are constructed from various found objects all in chrome.

Materials: chrome, aluminum, Bakelite

46" high

   Folk Art Candelabra

This piece started with a vintage three armed candelabra that I embellished with copper tubing and mounted on a brass base.  The shades are tea stained silk with Erector set girder trims. 

Materials:  steel, copper, brass

14" high

  Vintage Picture Tube Lamp

I fell in love with this beautiful piece of swirled black and gray glass when I found it in an antique store.  To think that for so many years these beautiful picture tubes were hidden from most of us in dusty television cabinets!  This one is attached to a brass tripod base and illuminated from within as well as from above.

Materials:  glass, brass, steel

9" wide and 24" high with the shade

  Copper and Brass Table Lamp

In this piece, a found brass ball becomes the centerpiece of this Arts and Crafts inspired table lamp.  The ball is cradled by 3 copper rods which run through the base and form the feet.   I embellished each rod with hammered copper wire "bones".

Materials:  brass, copper, silver

25" high with the shade

   Twig Table Lamps

I built this lamp (and the one below it) in early Spring when I was inspired by the organic forms of some trees in my neighborhood who were patiently awaiting the return of leaves and flowers.  This version has an etched glass tube sitting between a weathered brass cap and an antique bronze base.  Inside I created the twigs with silver plated brass tubing.

Materials:  glass, brass, bronze, silver plate

4" in diameter and 26" high with the shade


Twig Table Lamps

This version of the Twig Lamp has a 6 inch diameter hand blown glass dome sitting between a silver plate cap and an antique bronze base with sunflower relief.  The inside twigs are also created with silver plated brass tubing.

Materials:  glass, brass, bronze, silver plate

6" in diameter and 24" high with the shade

  Erector Set Table Lamp

I have been creating Erector set lighting for almost 15 years.  What I enjoy most is the range of design that can be achieved by mixing pieces from the different sets over the years.  For this table lamp I offset the classic silver steel girders with some colored accents. Some of the pieces are scratched and worn paying tribute to the original budding engineer owners of the sets, much like myself when I was a boy.  The shade is lined in fiberglass to diffuse the light.

20" high with a 12" square shade.

Materials:  steel, fiberglass, brass

Litho/Glass Desk Lamp

For this lamp I laminated an antique lithograph of St. Anthony onto glass which is then adhered to a brass skeleton base.  Each surface is covered with a different piece of the original lithograph.

12" high and 12" at its widest

Materials:  brass, glass, lithograph

   Industrial Train Trophy Desk Lamp

This lamp started with an antique trophy base that I found in Tokyo.  Considering what we are used to seeing in trophies in this country, I loved the nod to Art Deco in this piece and how the wheels of the train were represented resting on a stylized railroad "track".

Materials:  aluminum

8" wide by 22" high with the shade

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