Chandeliers and Sconces   (click on picture for full screen image)

Double Brass Star Chandelier

This piece was produced for the 2012 DC Design Showhouse and was featured in the main multi-story foyer.  I created these 8 point stars from an ornament that the designer had given me for inspiration.  The original fixture hung almost 30 feet from two brass chains but can be separated into 2 fixtures and used/sold  separately,  or reproduced in other finishes. 

Materials:  Brass

Large star: 4ft wide by 2 ft. high
Small Star: 2 ft wide by 2 ft high

 Foyer Burst Ceiling Light

This piece was also created for the 2012 Design Showhouse and is made of brass and aluminum.  The large Edison Style bulb casts great light through the glass lens at the bottom.

Materials:  Brass, aluminum, steel glass

4 ft high and 2 ft. wide


Mid Century Brass Sputnik

This 12 armed brass sputnik lamp was created for the art hallway of the 2012 Deisgn Showhouse, but could be easily adapted for multiple rooms.  The simple elongated form fills the space elegantly and is interesting from any angle.

Materials:  Brass

4 ft. by 2 ft. arm span.  Adjustable height.

  Mirrored Chandelier

I love creating simple lined lighting from mirror.  It almost disappears into a room while adding a quiet elegance.  For this one I hand cut 42 pieces of mirror,hand polished the edges and suspended it from a 5 inch square mirror canopy and short chain.

Materials:  aluminum, mirror, brass

25" wide and 25" long

  Ecumenical Chandelier

This piece started with a rusted ring and four rusted rods attached to it.  I added accents in reclaimed mirror and gold ormalu, a vintage chain, and wired it externally for added texture.  This is a delicate small piece, perfect for a small entry or powder room.

Materials: steel, aluminum, brass, mirror

12" by 14"

  Austrian Crystal and Silver Chandelier

This fixture was jeweled with hundreds of antique Austrian crystals in variations of pink, and turquoise blue opaque glass half-rounds in a grape cluster motif.  The canopy also has a crystal decorated medallion.  The body and arms are plated silver.

Materials: plated brass, crystal, glass

   Brass Champagne Flute Chandelier

This piece started with a set of mid-century brass champagne flutes that were so simple and elegant that I didn't feel they needed additional ornamentation.  I removed the stems and attached them to 20 inch brass rods and topped them with custom shades to give off a warm glow. 

Approximately 42" in diameter

Materials:  brass


   Erector Set Chandeliers

Erector sets were introduced by the Gilbert company in 1913.  As the commercial said, "it's not just a toy, it's a world", and as a child I created my own world out of the pieces, ignoring the schematics that came with the toy.  For example, one of my favorite engineering feats was a rolling trap for my cat Blooper. I have been using Erector sets to create lighting for almost 15 years and have installed them in commercial spaces and private homes.  Each piece has been unique to its owner so I think I am still being true to Alfred Gilbert's vision.

prices vary by design
   Reclaimed Mirror Sconces

I distressed reclaimed mirror pieces to create this pair of sleek sconces and envision them flanking a bathroom vanity or fire place mantle.

Materials:  brass, reclaimed mirror

10" high with 8" arms

1400.00 for the pair
  Industrial Transistor Sconce 

This piece is made from the tuning mechanism of a vintage RCA radio.  Beautifully constructed out of aluminum, I carried the design into the fiberglass shade with an aluminum v-shaped housing.

Materials: aluminum, brass, fiberglass

4" wide and 11" tall

   Drill Sconces

I found these vintage aluminum drills and wanted to showcase their sleek design against mirrored backplates.

Materials:  aluminum, mirror

12" high with shade

1400.00 for the pair

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